RAIN was founded in 1968 as a family company and continues to be a family run business today. RAIN focus has always been to efficiently irrigate any landscape through automatic systems helping to conserve water. The company prides itself on their green credentials through a sustainable office and production facility to the innovative and technical specification of products represented and manufactured by RAIN. 
Since the early seventies RAIN has been passionate about manufacturing new and innovative products. The invention of the irrigation controller 'PIOGGIATORE' by the founder of RAIN has enthused the second generation to continue with the creative sprit, which led to the development of Europe's finest engineered electric valves, battery controllers, sprinklers, injectors and accessories. Through these innovations RAIN has grown from strength to strength positing the company as a key manufacturer in the irrigation industry.

RAIN's headquarters is based in Cerro Maggiore, situated close to Milan along the Milan Malpensa motorway. The office consists of two buildings; the main office facility and manufacturing site (2500m2) and the logistic warehouse (300m2). 

Innovation is at the heart of RAIN. 

Our mission is to provide the customer with a high value product, excellent quality at a reasonable price point combining technical specification with ease of use. 

Our customer service policy follows the customer from point of purchase to installation. Our technical staff are on hand to help with design, technical advice and installation. 


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